About Us

Backflips Clothing was established in 2009 and is the creative outlet of former teenage motocross rider come dirtlover Jeremy McKnight. The story of Backflips inception is one of determination and the desire to turn negative experiences into a positive.

Jeremy had a huge motocross crash resulting in a serious lower back injury. He was informed by doctors he wouldn't walk again. As if by miracle, after an operation the feeling in his legs returned and he began to walk again. Unfortunately in 2007 as things were starting to fall into place Jeremy had another motocross crash & broke his back again, this time it was the top half of his back and his neck, this injury signified the end of his motocross career.

Faced with the decision of what to do next Jeremy decided to study to become a personal trainer. As a side project he started designing t-shirts from home with the assistance of two friends; Varnia and Dan, Calling the brand Backflips Clothing. Almost immediately friends were requesting units and Backflips quickly evolved from humble beginnings. With a clear vision and direction of where Backflips was heading, it quickly outgrew the spare bedroom in his parent’s house then out grew the garage and the subsequent design and production office in North Street. The attitude changed so in turn the logo was redesigned from the initial negative rude finger to the current Backflips sprocket representing drive and removing all negativity.

The next big hurdle was Jeremy's best friend Dan's death via motorcycle accident. Dan was a huge influence on the brand and Jeremy's life. As a tribute to this, the current motto "Live Life & Commit” was born - a reminder that when its your time to go you have to go, so make the most of every moment, day and opportunity.

In Nov 2014 Backflips moved into a larger office on Stafford Street and opened it’s first flagship store RENOWN. The store encompasses a shop front, worldwide distribution centre and design studio for both the clothing line as well as the newly formed Un4seen Decals which specialises in producing motorbike graphics.

Backflips is passionate about supporting people with determination and dreams, and providing them with the opportunities and a supportive family to be a part of.

Live Life & Commit